Institute of Diagnostic Imaging


The Head of the laboratory is Ewa Pęczak, M.D.

The Institute of Diagnostic Imaging works in the hospital’s buildings (at ul. Skarbowa and al. Focha) and serves hospitalized patients and patients reporting to the Admission Room, as well as the outpatients mainly from the hospital outpatient clinic.

The range of services includes: radiology – radiological tests (x-ray and radiography), computer tomography tests (CT), medical ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), bone densitometry testing.


The institution at ul. Skarbowa:

  • X-ray examinations and pictures for hospitalized patients and those from the Central Admission Hall at ul. Batorego, patients from other institutions (on the basis of agreements with the Hospital), and paid examinations.
  • Computed tomography examinations (CT) for hospitalized patients, those referred from the Central Admission Hall, and based on referrals from the National Health Fund (NFZ), as well as paid examinations.
  • Ultrasonography examinations for hospitalized patients,  those referred from the Central Admission Hall, from hospital out-patient clinics and paid examinations.
  • Densitometry examination for patients hospitalized, patients from the out-patient clinics,  and paid examinations.


In the institution at ul. Focha:

  •  X-ray imaging – for inpatients and patients directed from the hospital’s out-patient clinics at al. Focha.
  • Ultrasonography examination for inpatients, those directed from the hospital’s out-patient clinics, and paid examination.
  • MRI examination – currently performed only for inpatients. The extension of services is determined by obtaining a contract with NFZ (National Health Fund).

Radiological images (X-ray, CT, densytometry) are performed only on the basis of medical referrals. This also applies to paid examinations.

For the purposes of the hospital, the Institute of Diagnostic Imaging runs on a 24 hour system, and for outpatients until 5 p.m.


Registration to the laboratory is done in person, through a third party, by telephone from Monday to Friday at the Reception: 7:30 a.m. – 3:05 p.m., telephone number: 12 6876310, 311

Online registration for examinations is covered by a separate agreement with the National Health Fund (NFZ), i.e. CT.


The entitlement to free health services is determined in the eWUŚ system. In the case of an absence of a positive verification, patient is required to make a statement or present a valid document confirming health insurance.

The examination is based on referrals and upon registration. Effective referral is issued by the health insurance physician.

Documents required from patients:

Identity card or other document confirming identity.

Note: In case of a committal for CT examination with contrast, one day before performing the test one should perform the test for “creatinine level”.

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