Social Worker

Bartosz Jopek, MA

room 35, ul. Skarbowa 1
telephone: 12­68­76­375, fax 12­68­76­203, mobile phone: 726­308­237

(Open during office hours)  e­-mail address:

 Work schedule:

8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (absences due to delivery of documents to social care institutions)

  • Full support and comprehensive assistance in preparation and submission of documentation, aiming at placing  patients in health care centers, nursing homes and hospices;
  • Counseling in order to obtain care services at home;
  • Assistance in completing the applications for disability class assignment, long-term care;
  • Environmental interviews in order to obtain the entitlement to health care services financed from public funds by the patient (exclusively for  hospital patients and homeless persons).

IMPORTANT: The patient expresses informed consent confirmed by the signature for placement in a health care institution or a social care institution. If, for health reasons, the patient is not capable of giving such consent, the decision concerning placement in such institution is made by the Family Court.

In case of an incapacitated patient, the decision on placing the patient is made by a legal guardian.

VERY IMPORTANT: The hospital is not a custodial unit, thus stays due to social reasons are unacceptable.  Waiting for a place in a custodial unit can take several months. The patient’s family is obliged to ensure care to the patient while waiting for a place in custodial institution.


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