Central Admission Hall


Contact Details

ul. Skarbowa 1, 31-121 Kraków

tel. 12 68 76 205
fax 12 68 76 203

Access by public transport - ul. Skarbowa 1

About the Ward/Department

Central Admission Hall makes admissions of patients to the hospital department within the structure of the Hospital or provides aid on an outpatient basis if it is medically justified.

The Central Admission Hall provides 4000 pieces of medical advice per year on an outpatient basis.

What we treat

In the process of admission to the hospital, a preliminary diagnosis of the disease causing the application to the hospital is determined, or definitive diagnosis is established and the aid is given on an outpatient basis.

Medical Staff

The Head of the Department: lek. med. Jarosław Ziemichód

The Nurse Manager: mgr Elżbieta Obara

For Patients

The patient applies in person for hospitalization to the wards/department within the hospital structure with a referral, in order to make admission to the ward/department determined on the referral, or is transported by medical transport (an ambulance) in a state of sudden deterioration of patient’s health of life threat.

  • Admission for hospitalization takes place in the Central Admission Hall, on the basis of physician’s referral. The referring physician encloses laboratory results that justify the initial diagnosis. The original referral
  • is included into the Hospital’s documentation.
  • The patient applies to the Central Admission Hall with the referral for hospital treatment and with the document confirming his identity. The physician of the Central Admission Hall assesses the state of health of the patient, analyzes provided results of laboratory tests, medical documentation provided by the patient and other relevant documents on the basis of which decides on the acceptance or refusal of

    admission of the patient to the Hospital.

  • Patients should have their own underwear, pajamas, articles of personal hygiene.
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