2nd Department of Internal Medicine


Contact Details

ul. Skarbowa 1, 31-121 Kraków

tel. 12 68 76 220
fax 12 68 76 222

Access by public transport - ul. Skarbowa 1

About the Department

The department has 59 beds and operates 24h, providing services in the field of adult hospitalization. On average, there are approximately 2300 hospitalized patients a year.
Highly qualified medical and nursing staff provides a multi-profile and high level of internal medicine diagnostics and treatment. Medical staff of the Department includes specialists from many fields of internal medicine, including gastroenterology, hypertensiology and pulmonology specialists. The effectiveness of treatment process is supported by the experienced team of nurses, dieticians and rehabilitation specialists. Hospitalized patients have access to a wide range of diagnostic tests provided by, inter alia, the Institute of Diagnostic Imaging (i.e. CT, MRI), the Laboratory of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, the EEG Laboratory, the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Organ Function Tests and Hemodynamic, the Laboratory of Spirometry.
The Department conducts educational activity for physicians (students trainings, graduate internships, specialization trainings in the field of internal medicine), medical students and students of medical faculties at Cracovian schools including nursing, dietetics, physiotherapy and massage.

What we treat

  • Gastrointestinal diseases;
  • Hypertensive disease;
  • Respiratory diseases;
  • Endocrinology;
  • Other units of internal medicine.

Medical Staff

The Head of the Department:  dr n. med. Anna Gudowska-Nitka
The Head of the Department Deputy:  : lek. med. Janina Kabat
Nurse Manager: mgr Izabela Dowsilas

lek. med. Grzegorz Dymarczyk
lek. med. Bogdan Jakubas
lek. med. Piotr Pastwa
lek. med. Zofia Puczka
dr n. med. Anna Sitarska-Kuźniar
lek. med. Barbara Zajączkowska
lek. med. Marek Banach
lek. med. Marta Biedroń
lek. med. Anna Feret
lek. med. Agnieszka Głowniak
lek. med. Martyna Karwowska-Mietła
lek. med. Karolina Paprocka
lek. med. Monika Radoń
lek. med. Katarzyna Smolik
lek. med. Joanna Szorek
lek. med. Marta Trojanowska-Cuber

For Patients

Admission through the Central Admission Hall based on a referral from the general practitioner, and in emergencies – without referral and with immediate effect.
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