1st Department of Internal Medicine


Contact Details

ul. Skarbowa 1, 31-121 Kraków

tel. 12 68 76 210
fax 12 68 76 212

Access by public transport - ul. Skarbowa 1

About the Department

Department of 54 beds, 13 of which belong to the Allergology Sub-department. 24h adult patient hospitalization service. Average yearly turnover of  2000 patients.
   The highly and comprehensively qualified staff of the Department includes specialists in the field of numerous internal medicine disciplines, such as allergology, diabetology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, cardiology, and clinical pharmacology, guaranteeing multi-profile, high-quality diagnostics and treatment.
  • Scientific and educational activity in cooperation with the Jagiellonian University. Together with the 1st  Department of Internal Medicine and the Department of Allergology, services are provided by CM UJ’s Department of Internal and Rural Medicine, and in 2013, with the help of Collegium Medicum and the Provincial Governor, the Translational Medicine Centre (www.momt.uj.edu.pl) was created, a one of a kind unit in the whole country. The Department of Internal and Rural Medicine is a clinical unit carrying out the education of future physicians and dentists (over 200 students each year), as well as scientific research and development. The Department also cooperates with the UJ CM’s English Language Medical School. Within the Department operates the Translational Medicine Lab, conducting research in the field of molecular medicine, as well as function and pharmacology of the blood vessel endothelium. In 2010, for achievements in this research, the Department’s head prof. T. Guzik was awarded the Grand Prix of the Foundation for Polish Science, often called the „Polish Nobel Prize,” and in 2013 the Prime Minister Prize. The 1st  Department of Internal Medicine carries out numerous international research programs, including the REG-POT (OMICRON) program for fortifying the scientific research potential in poorer areas of the EU, with prof. M. Małecki as the project’s leader.
  • Cooperation with the Polish Internist Society. Prof. T. Guzik is currently President of the Polish Internist Society. His policy is optimal use of the well-educated internist cadre in Poland. B. Jasiewicz-Honkisz, M.D. is a board member of the PIS’s Kraków section.
  • Cooperation with State Government. The Department’s employees are actively invested in the work on the reforms of the healthcare and science system. W. Kosiniak-Kamysz, M.D. is currently the Minister of Labor in the Polish Government, and prof. Guzik is a member of the Scientific Policy Committee within the Ministry of Education.
  • International cooperation. Department’s students and physicians often contribute in international scientific meetings. The Department cooperates closely with Oxford University’s Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, the University of Glasgow, and the Vanderbilt University of Nashville, TN. That includes regular visits and world-class expert consultations held in Kraków.
  • Organization of conferences and congresses. Every two years, the Department organizes the Polish Society for Sclerosis Research’s International Symposium. The nearest meeting will be held in December 2014. The Internal Medicine Department holds conferences and courses across the country for physicians in rural and community centers, as well as systematic courses for KRUS inspectors.
  • Specialist consultations. Beside having a 2nd degree specialization in internal medicine, the Department’s physicians boast a wide array of other specializations, including allergology, diabetology, endocrinology, hematology, and cardiology, with several physicians in the process of obtaining specializations in allergology and gastroenterology. This ensures a unique multi-specialization profile of patient care and specialist consultation.
  • The Department is certified to conduct specialization training for internal medicine and allergology students, and training practice for other faculties.
  • Diagnostic labs: Respiratory System Action Analysis Lab, Allergy Clinic and Allergological Skin Analysis Lab, Flow Cytometry Lab, Endothelium Efficiency Action Analysis Lab. Thanks to cooperation with the Department, 20 physicians from the UJ CM and 10 others have obtained the PhD degree.

What we treat

The Department provides the modern diagnostics and internist treatment. This includes widely promoted treatment of internal diseases.  A particularly important aspect is multifaceted and holistic view on the whole of patients’ health burden.
In connection with the development of techniques of diagnostics and treatment of respiratory system and allergic disorders, the Department focuses on the treatment of allergy diseases such as bronchial asthma, urticaria, atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis. We also provide the expert diagnostics of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes, with particular emphasis on identification of risk and prophylactic actions in these groups of patients. The Department conducts a drug description program financed by the National Health Fund, e.g. treatment of severe allergic asthma, omalizumab subsidiary IgE.

Medical Staff

The Head of the Department: prof. dr hab. Tomasz Guzik
The Head of the Department Deputy: dr n. med.  Maria Okraska
The Head of the Department Deputy :dr n. med.  Tomasz Śliwa
Nurse Manager: mgr Marta Małysa

lek. med. Danuta Cieślikowska
lek. med. Zofia Drewniak
dr n. med. Adam Ignacak
dr n. med. Barbara Jasiewicz-Honkisz
lek. med. Anna Łabędzka
dr n. med. Grzegorz Osmenda
dr n. med. Natalia Ryszawa-Mrózek
lek. med. Grzegorz Wilk
lek. med. Zbigniew Wylegała
dr n. med. Joanna Zawierucha
lek. med. Agata Schramm
lek. med. Magdalena Banach-Piwowarczyk
lek. med. Bartosz Baranowski
lek. med. Anna Breza
lek. med. Łukasz Cherian
lek. med. Justyna Dobosz
lek. med. Elżbieta Karwat
lek. med. Katarzyna Kordaś
lek. med. Damian Kowalski
lek. med. Monika Kozioł
lek. med. Michał Nowak
lek. med. Anna Pełka
lek. med. Barbara Polakiewicz
lek. med. Zelimchan Sadułajew
lek. med. Kamil Samołyk
lek. med. Agnieszka Sojka
lek. med. Weronika Sułkowska
lek. med. Karol Urbański
lek. med. Konrad Wojciechowski
lek. med. Ilona Wolf

For Patients

The patient applies in person, with a referral for hospitalization to the department within the Hospital structure in order to make admission to the Hospital, to the designated department, or is transported by the ambulance (in case of sudden deterioration of his state of health or threat to life).
Rules of admission:
  • Admission for hospital treatment under a physician’s referral for hospitalization takes place in the Central Admission Hall at ul. Skarbowa 1. The referring physician encloses the results of medical tests that justify the initial diagnosis. The original referral is attached to the hospital documentation.
  • Patient applies to the Central Admission Hall  with a referral for hospital treatment and with a document confirming his identity.
  • The physician of the Central Admission Hall makes an assessment of a patient’s status of health, analyzes provided results of medical tests and other relevant documents, on the basis of which the physician decides on the acceptance or refusal of the patient’s admission to the hospital.
  • Patients should have their own underwear, pajamas, articles of personal hygiene.
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